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Banyan Tree Ilha Caldeira: Celebrating the magic of Mozambique

South Africa, January 2022 – Escaping to paradise is made easy in Mozambique, one of the world’s best-kept travel secrets! So says Eduardo Johnston da Silva, general manager of Banyan Tree Ilha Caldeira – the new ultra-luxury private island development by the Banyan Tree Group in the picture-perfect Primeiras and Segundas Archipelago marine reserve.

Scheduled to open at the end of 2022, Banyan Tree Ilha Caldeira represents this globally recognised brand’s belief in Mozambique as one of the world’s most exciting emerging travel destinations. It has also allowed Eduardo the opportunity to return to the land of his birth.

“I’m an exceptionally proud Mozambican and am looking forward to sharing my heritage with visitors from across the globe,” says Eduardo. “Banyan Tree Ilha Caldeira offers guests the chance to have a multi-experience holiday that immerses them in the African way of life and introduces them to everything that sets Mozambique apart and makes it so special,” he adds.

So what set Mozambique apart from other Indian Ocean holiday destinations?

First up is Mozambique’s incredible coastline and its pristine marine eco-systems which have established it as one of the best scuba destinations in the world. With immaculate white sand beaches and unbleached coral fringed by the warm, crystal-clear turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, Mozambique really is a paradise found!

Whether it’s snorkelling, diving or enjoying a range of incredible water sports and water-based activities, the ability to take advantage of Mozambique’s fantastic marine environment is one of its biggest drawcards. This is where you can expect to see dugongs in their natural habitat, swim with whale sharks, snorkel with dolphins and whales, discover an incredible diversity of marine life and marvel at the magic of the undersea world.

Complemented by the emerging Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique is also easily paired with iconic safari destinations in countries like Kenya and South Africa to create varied and exciting photographic safari itineraries that offer a combination of both ocean and land safari.

The Mozambican people are also a major drawcard with their rich heritage and vibrant traditions. Mozambique has been influenced by countless cultures over the past two millennia, from the arrival of the Bantu-speaking ethnic groups from the north of Africa in the 4th Century BC to Arab and Asian traders from the East and European flavours, courtesy of the seafaring Portuguese, who settled in the country from the mid-16th Century onwards. Today, Mozambique is a vibrant cultural melting pot that’s unmistakably African in every sense, with a warm brand of hospitality and celebration of its multi-faceted history.

With large parts of the country retaining a sense of pristine, untouched African remoteness, it’s an obvious choice. Coupled with the lack of mass tourism and a clear focus on high end travel, low impact hotels and private islands like Banyan Tree Ilha Caldeira, this is where visitors can enjoy the luxury of their own space and authentic, immersive travel experiences.

When it comes to gastronomy travel, it’s hard to beat Mozambique! With fresh seafood top of the menu and the most celebrated prawns on the planet, this is the home of peri peri and some of the most fantastic flavours on the African continent. In true Banyan Tree style, the culinary experience will focus on regionally sourced, and locally curated menus for a true immersive experience.

“Here in Mozambique we celebrate life in every way we can,” says Eduardo. “Each day is a chance to experience something new and exciting, whether it’s exploring our wonderful ocean and undersea world, our amazing coastline, indulging in sensational cuisine or dancing to the infectious rhythms of our music,” he concludes.

“Soul-searching luxury”


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